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            The Parish Church of St. Mary,


This is a view of the Nave looking to towards the Chancel prior to the re-ordering of  2009.

Here is a view of the Nave  after the re-ordering .                  

The rebuilt Nave was re-opened on 25th January, 1856

Space became a problem again in 1865.  Not because every seat in the Church was regularly filled, although the Vicar wrote that the Sunday Afternoon  (3 p.m.) service nearly filed the Church, rather that there were not enough Pews (private pews that is  as opposed to free seats or Pews, which were called benches). To satisfy the property-holding desires of Penwortham’s  increasing middle class.  At a Vestry meeting later in the year, ratepayers showed more interest in a plan to revise the burial fees than in drawings displayed  to illustrate the proposed enlargement of the Church.  In retrospect, this was fortunate, for the architect proposed to truncate the mediaeval Chancel  in order to accomplish the enlargement.  By that time, as the architect’s plan shows the west gallery had been cut back to its present position, a vestry had been added and the two box Pews in the Chancel replaced by the present rear choir stalls.  The Vestry, an afterthought to the 1855-6 alterations, had soon to be rebuilt owing to a fire.  An organ, by Hill had been installed shortly after the rebuilding.

Repairs of violoncello strings cost 2s 0d in 1855; in 1856 ringers and singers were paid for their services at the re-opening of the Church, but in 1857 a new item appears in the accounts, that of the organist’s salary - and violoncello strings were a burden no more.

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