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            The Parish Church of St. Mary,


Of the actual building, little is known, except that it was of wood, and included a chapel, and stood between the junction of Hollinhurst Avenue and Priory Crescent and the corner in Monks Walk. The mediaeval Priory was replaced by a Tudor building. The ruins of this latter were themselves replaced by a mansion in the Gothic style, built 1813-1835  and demolished in 1926 to make way for private houses.

The Priors

The place-names attached to the different priors are names which occur predominantly in the Midlands or near West Country.

1159  to -1164  Henry

1180  to  1195  William of Winchcombe

1194 to 1207  Robert of Appleton

1207 to 1213  Adam Sortes

1213 to 1214  Roger Norris

1218 to 1223  Roger Norris

Circa 1226  John

Circa 1255  Thomas of Gloucester

Circa 1270  Philip of Neldesle

1282 to 1316  Walter of Walcote

1320   Ralph of Walcote

1321   Thomas of Blockley

1332 to 1341  Ralph of Wilcote

1350   Ralph of Whately

1371   Roger

1383   William of Mershton

1385   Thomas of Newbold

1397   John of Gloucester

1399   Thomas

1409   John of Gloucester

1422   Thomas Hanford

1436   Thomas

1472   John Power

1477   John Staunton

1502   Robert Yatton

1507   James Shrokerinton

1515 to 1516  Richard Hawkesbury

1535 to 1539  Richard Hawkesbury

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