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            The Parish Church of St. Mary,


The west window on the north wall is certainly the oddest.  It is not divided by a mullion, but whereas  the flass in the left hand half is arranged in a herringbone pattern, the glass in the right hand half in arranged in the more usual diamond pattern.  The right hand half of the the window bears three quarries, illustrating plants together with a fragment of a woman’s head, and a fragment with part of an inscription.

The east window on the north wall bears the heraldic representation of the Trinity within a shield.  Below and to the left of the shield are quarters of a corona.

The inscription can be written as:

Pater est Deus, Filius est Deus, Sprs Scus est Deus

Pater non est Filius, Filius non est Scus, Sprs Scus non est Pater

That is:

The Father is God, The Son is God and the Holy Spirit is God.

The Father is not the Son, the Son is  not the Holy Spirit , the Holy             Spirit is nor the Father.

This appears to illustrate part of the Athanasian Creed:

And the Catholick faith is this: that we worship one God in Trinity and          Trinity in Unity;

Neithr confounding the persons nor dividing the substance….

So the Father is God, The Son is God and the Holy Ghost is God.

The shield and its corona appear in the top quatrefoil light of the window; below, in the left hand compartment, is a fragment illustrating a plant.

In the centre light of the east window there used to be the Arms of rawstorne.  Now this has gone, and the same family have filled the window with victorian stained glass.  Aling the lowere edge of the window is the inscription:

In memory of Robert Atherton Rawstorne M.A. Who died May the 12th,            1852. Also Mary his wife who died December the 20th 1841.  Erected by           his children.

The window shows scenes from the Gospels.  The order of events can be followed by beginning with the left hand light and working from bottom to the top; then by working up the centre and right hand lights together.  By arranging them as he has, the designer has kept the high points of the gospels - Baptism, Resurrection and Ascension - in order at the tops of the three lights, with the Crucifixion and Last Supper in the centre of the whole window.

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