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            The Parish Church of St. Mary,


Mucks and Ducks for Harvest

The focus of our harvest service in 2012 was 'Muck and Ducks'.  As a church we had decided to adopt the Bishop's Harvest Appeal to help provide ducks and seeds for areas of Bangladesh struggling with harvests due to flooding.  During the service all ages were encouraged to participate.  A 'duck pond' was installed at the front of church and children were encouraged to help with the sermon by fishing ducks out of the pond. This then led us to think about ways our own actions (the muck in our lives) can harm the environment and other people. We were all challenged to go away and make one change in our lives that would mean the lives of others would benefit.  During the service we also trialled the use of more child friendly liturgy (prayers and readings), so that we could all participate more fully together in our worship.